1. About Us :)

    This blog is ran by Sierra and Ashten, we’re best friends. 

    With help from Sherry and Lisa

    About Ashten: Born on June 30, 1996, Ashten is a Cancer. She loves Supernatural, Lord of the Rings, Pretty Little Liars, fashion, tanning, and the ocean. She has a little brother named Zachary. Ashten is an honor student, who always finds time to bake between homework assignments. Ashten is short, and changes her hair color frequently. Ashten likes all things girly, and loves to shop. Ashten has a pet chihuahua—Sierra says it’s a rat—named Mojo. 

    About Sierra: Sierra was born on August 19th, 1996. She’s a Leo and she has a little brother named Austin. She’s a scarily obsessed fan of One Tree Hill and Twilight, and she frequently tries to convert Ashten to a Jane By Design fan. (It has yet to work.) She lives in sweatpants and hoodies and has a cross-eyed cat named Priscilla. She avoids girly stuff and shopping at all costs. Her favorite colors are blue and green.

    The best friends: Met freshman year in high school, hated each other, loved each other, hated each other, loved each other, contd. They have countless sleepovers and rituals for when they are together. They enjoy coloring together, fangirling together, singing together, and eating together. They are Jonatics, Directioners, Rushers, Angels, Potterheads, and many more.

    Sherry: I’m a Libra and I was born on October 5th 1996. I am the only child and have a part-time job. I am a full-time hardcore fangirl in several fandoms, which include One Direction, Ed Sheeran, Emblem 3, the Jonas brothers, Cher Llyod, Taylor Swift, etc. Everyone calls me obsessed but I’m just really dedicated. I love coffee, tea, and anything with cookie dough or cheese involved.

    Lisa: Her own kind of special. Writes Never Forget :)

    This blog means the world to us, guys, all silliness aside. You guys are so dang awesome. The support has been overwhelming. 


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