1. Good Enough: Chapter 11

    *Louis’ POV*

    When I got home, the amount of tweets I was getting reached an all time high. One in particular caught my attention.

    “What Happened Louis? THIS is what happened. Please, watch this. #letherexplain @Louis_Tomlinson” followed by a link. Curiosity got the best of me, and I clicked the link. A YouTube page opened up.

    The video started out with a girl screaming, the camera pointed at her face.

    “So, I’m at the mall, and Louis Tomlinson’s girlfriend is here! She’s right there!” The camera turned towards Shannah, who was smiling and waving at the girls who were starting to circle around her. Then it moved back to the girl’s face. “If she’s here, we think Louis will be here soon! Oh!” Pause. She was looking at something. “She’s talking to us! I can’t believe it! Oh my gosh she’s so nice and pretty!”

    “Hi Shannah!” The girls were screaming. She was smiling at them, and she said something I didn’t catch.

    “How are you Shannah?” One of the girls closest to her asked. The camera was following the conversation.

    “I’m great! How are you sweetie?” She said back to her. She was talking loudly over the girls. She looked so happy.

    “I’m good. Where is Louis? Are you both shopping for panties today?” Shannah’s face sunk. She looked confused.

    “What do you mean?” She asked the girl as she waved to the new girls coming over.

    “He’s gay! Of course somebody like you, who is unattractive, irrelevant, and quite stupid would never be able to turn him straight!” Some of the girls laughed, others stood up for Shannah as she looked at the girl with a confused look on her face.

    “No, he isn’t. Please don’t talk to me like that.”

    “It’s true! You’re ugly and fat!” The girl screamed in her face. The girl who was holding the camera yelled at her.

    “Leave Shannah alone!” She screamed.

    “Shut up! You’re so deluded! You think that he’s going to be with you? You’re crazy! You’re stupid! Hey! Stop taking pictures of me!” She reached out in front of her to smack a camera away. The girls all have phones or video cameras focused on her.  “Leave me alone! He isn’t even here yet! Oh my gosh, you’re crazy! Stop it!”

    I knew what happened after this. I had been there. Still I watched. I busted through the crowd and grabbed her. I couldn’t believe how angry I looked. When we walked inside, the girls quieted down. Some of them followed us inside, some of them spread out in front of the entrance. The girl who held the camera turned it back around to her face.

    “Louis just got here, I don’t think he saw what happened to Shannah. He looked very mad.”

    The screen went black and then words popped up, “About five minutes later.”

    I busted out of the doors, looking very, very upset. I couldn’t believe my facial expression. It shocked me. I realized I was very rough with fans. I walked straight past, even though the girl with the camera had called to me.

    Black screen. “About ten minutes after that.”

    Shannah came out of the doors very weakly. By then, there were only about five to seven girls outside. The girl with the camera focused on her face. She had tears flowing down her cheeks, and she tried to wipe them away before the girls saw her. I saw the embarrassment on her face when she realized the girls were still there.

    “Shannah, Shannah! Is everything okay?”

    “I’m sorry, I just can’t right now,” She whispered, and the camera was very close to her. I guessed the girl was walking beside her.

    Shannah got in her car, and the girl turned the camera back to her face.

    “That can’t be good,” She said softly, and the screen went black for a second, then screen shots of the video were popping up.

    Shannah looking hurt by the comments. Shannah waving to fans right after. Shannah finally yelling at the girls who were being rude. Me grabbing Shannah and pulling her towards the door. Me coming out of the doors looking hideously angry. Shannah coming out of the doors looking broken with tears streaming down her face.

    Black screen. Then words.

    “I hope Louis sees this. I think he probably got mad at Shannah for yelling at those girls, but I don’t think he heard what they said to her. Please, get this video to Louis. I would hate for something to happen to their relationship over rude fans. This is MY video, if you use it, please credit me.”

    The video was over.  My world was spinning too fast. Where was she right now? Of course I knew where she was. The one person she went to other than me when she had a bad day who wasn’t family. The one person who always answered his phone, always. The one person who she would feel comfortable crying in front of.


    *Shannah’s POV*

    “Niall, someone is knocking on your door,” I said as I walked out of the bathroom and into the living room. He was watching the Olympics, paying no attention to me. “Niall!”

    “It’s probably just a fan!” He said, shushing me. I turned away, looking closely at the pictures on his wall. Most were of his family, but there were two whole walls dedicated to One Direction. “Hello?”

    I turned around, thinking he was talking to me. He was standing up, talking on the phone. He walked past me and opened the door.


    I walked back towards the bathroom, wanting nothing more than to get away from him. I didn’t want to look into his blue eyes. I didn’t want to be close enough to smell his shampoo and aftershave. I didn’t want anything to do with him. I didn’t want to see the anger and disappointment in his eyes.

    “No, Shannah! Please come back!” I walked further away, but I felt his arm close around my wrist.

    “Let go of me,” I said through clinched teeth, looking away.

    “I know what happened. I saw a video. I’m sorry. I should have listened to you. Please look at me.”

    I turned around to see his eyes were puffy and red. His expression was pleading.

    “I’m hungry,” Niall said awkwardly, and walked away. He left us alone.

    “What do you want?” I asked coldly, feeling all the emotion boiling up again.

    “I want to apologize,” I started to turn away. “Please don’t! I’m sorry! I saw a video of what happened. I didn’t give you time to explain what happened. Those girls were horrible. I should have given you time to explain. I feel horrible, I’m so sorry.”

    I stared into his eyes and took a step closer to him. He looked at me hopefully and tried to smile. It mangled itself on his face.

    “Don’t cry over me, Louis,” I whispered. I stood on my tiptoes and kissed him softly.

    “Am I forgiven?” He asked quietly when I pulled away.

    Suddenly, Niall was laughing uncontrollably.

    “Shannah!” He yelled, and started laughing again.

    We walked into the room to see him laughing at his phone.

    “Look at this!” Niall laughed. He handed the phone to me and Louis.

    It was a video that Danielle had sent him. Instantly, my heart sank. Every fear I had ever had when I first started dating Louis and hanging out with the boys suddenly came rushing back to me. If this was what I thought it was…

    Louis pressed play.

    There was Danielle. She was 12 years old. Then there was me, in the background. Six years old, incredibly tiny, and incredibly talented. I was the only girl from my age group who was chosen to do this performance with the other girls in my dance class. Danielle had her solo, then I walked up, ready to dance. I did well, but halfway through I fell over. I remember it clearly. I ran off stage crying while people sniggered at me.

    “Was that—“

    “I’m going to kill her!” I laughed, throwing the phone on the couch.

    “Don’t interrupt me! You can dance, Shannah Monroe!” Louis yelled, smiling at me.

    “I’m not good,” I said immediately, but I was interrupted by Louis answering his phone.

    “Hello?” Pause. “Of course! Can we bring Niall?” He smiled over at me, looking rather sneaky. “Be there soon!”

    “What was that about?” I asked as Niall watched the video again on his phone.

    “Me and you are going to Liam’s. Get your keys, let’s go.”

    “What about Niall?” I asked, and looked over at him. He was absorbed in the TV again. It looked like he wasn’t planning on moving for a while.

    “I think he’ll survive without us.”

    I grabbed my keys, and we walked out of the flat. There were no fans outside tonight, thankfully. We walked straight through the door and into the sitting area, where Liam and Danielle were cuddled up watching the Olympics. 

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