1. Dangerous Waters

    ** This is sort of a paranormal Nick Jonas fic. Basically, I picked elements of the TMI and Hush series and smooshed them together. So you know— Nephilim are descendants of angels, produced when an angel has children with a human. The angel blood runs dominant through all generations. The Fallen are fallen angels, kicked out of Heaven for being too human or violating any rules. If you’re still lost, message me and I’ll elaborate. ** 

    “Lindsay, are you paying attention to me?” My superior asked, slamming her hand down on the table. I jumped and focused in on her eyes, grey and hard as ice. I had been distracted by one of the older throwing stars that was hanging off the wall.

    “Wha…?” I asked, sitting straight up and staring into her eyes.

    “If I hadn’t seen you fight, I wouldn’t believe you were Nephilim.” She said, rolling her eyes. “You have the attention span of a dog unless you’re locked in deadly combat.”

    “Sorry, ma’am. Just had a rough night.” I apologized, knowing I should have paid more attention.

    “It’s all right, Lindsay.” Her voice softened. “You’ve got a job to do. One of the Fallen is in the city, and I want them dealt with before they can hurt anyone.”

    “Any leads as to where they are?” I asked, my interest peaked. It’s not every day that you run into one of the Fallen—they were dangerous, dark, and brooding angels that usually got kicked out of Heaven for some pretty nasty stuff.

    “There’s a popular bar that he likes to hang out in. I’ll write down the directions and you go find James—you’re not going after a Fallen by yourself.” My superior, Mrs. Gray, was pretty strict but she knew what she was doing.

    Arguing with her was pointless, even though I knew I could handle it by myself. After being stripped of their wings, the Fallen weren’t half as strong as us Nephilim. I was half human, half angel, but the angel blood ran dominant in my body and in my heritage.

    I got up to go find James. James McGregor was my best friend and partner in crime, and neither of us went on a mission without the other despite the fact that we were perfectly capable of it. I found him in the armory, playing with one of the knives.

    We lived in an enormous stone church that was invisible to the human eye. It had been inhabited by the Nephilim for centuries, and by now it was a fully functioning  Institute complete with a library, armory, fully stocked kitchen, hospital wing, and small apartments for refugee Nephilim.

    “Find a new toy?” I asked, hopping up onto one of the tables.

    “Yeah, it’s pretty nasty.” James said, holding the knife out to me. I gave it a once-over, knowing it would hurt like hell to have that knife put through your gut.

    “Looks nice and intimidating.” I said approvingly. “Get geared up, we’ve got a Fallen angel to take care of.”

    James perked up. “Where? In the city? There hasn’t been one in New York City in years!”

    “We’re going to find out if you’ll hurry up!” I said impatiently. I was already dressed in my gear, black leather from head to toe. I pulled a few weapons off the wall and put them in their respective sheaths. “Meet me at the gate in five minutes or I’ll drag your ass down there, gear or no gear.”

    It wasn’t an empty threat, and James knew it. I was always a little rough around the edges, harsher than I needed to be. I didn’t mean to come off like that, but I did. I went downstairs to wait for James, and he got there just in time.

    My phone buzzed with a text from Mrs. Gray—it was the directions. I glanced at them and knew where to go. James followed behind me, the both of us keeping up a brisk pace. We got to the bar and James went in the front, but I chose to slink around back, to see if anything was hiding in the dark corners.

    I heard a muffled shout and a slamming noise, and I flattened myself against the cold brick wall. Someone screamed, a guttural howl of terror. I peeled myself off the wall and saw a cold, dark Fallen pinning down a writhing human man, holding a knife against him. The Fallen hadn’t seen me yet.

    I pulled out one of my knives, twirling it in my hands as I approached it. It heard my footsteps and took one last swipe at the man, leaving him near dead before turning around to lunge at me. I fell backwards, taking the Fallen with me, and as it landed on me I thrust the knife into its chest, black blood pouring out of the wound and onto me.

    I pushed the body off of me and went to check on the human. What an odd target, I thought to myself as I realized it was a celebrity. One of the Jonas ones. I nudged his limp form with my boot, hoping he wasn’t dead. Normally I didn’t care much about mortals—they usually just got in the way, and they were mindless. But there was something about this one. Maybe it was the helplessness, the inability to fight off something it only knew of in nightmares.

    I knew my conscience would eat me alive if I left him here, so I shouted for James and convinced him to help me carry the Jonas guy back to the Institute. Getting a closer look, I saw it was Nick Jonas. Mrs. Gray would kill us for bringing him back, but I couldn’t leave him here.

    Something warm touched my heart as I picked him up, being as gentle as I could. Something warm and caring, and… human. Something about Nick made me feel human, and I decided I didn’t like it—not one bit.

    Oh, well, maybe a little.

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